House in Byoubugaura by Takeshi Hosaka


Takeshi Hosaka designed the ‘House in Byoubugaura’. With a site area of only 60 square metres, and a permitted footprint of just 30 square metres, the architect had to get creative. He decided to build down in a rather unexpected way. Curved floors allow natural light and air to penetrate the floorplan, particularly at basement level, so that he actually achieved to increase the total floor area by a third.

In this open plan architecture, ‘roomscape’ divide the space without the need for additional walls, but they also add warmth, as they are detailed in polished timber along with the floor finishes. A steel spiral stair brings a more flamboyant sculptural sparkle to an admirably restrained space and where the circular hole for the stair cuts through the curved floor, a deformed circle is created that gives a tactile edge to the concrete.

All images © Koji Fujii | Via: Detail Daily

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