Photography by Yu-Hong Kuo


We’ve featured some of Taiwan-based Yu-Hong Kuo’s photographs previously on our Flickr Friday. Looking at his portfolio, we think its’s time to present a larger selection of his works. Yu-Hong Kuo works with shadow, lights, minimalistic compositions and faded colors to create delicate images. We especially enjoy his keen eye for interesting compositions and his blue-shaded imagery. Visit his Flickr for more.

All images © Yu-Hong Kuo

Yu-Hong Kuo_01Yu-Hong Kuo_02Yu-Hong Kuo_03Yu-Hong Kuo_04Yu-Hong Kuo_05Yu-Hong Kuo_06Yu-Hong Kuo_07Yu-Hong Kuo_08Yu-Hong Kuo_09Yu-Hong Kuo_10Yu-Hong Kuo_11Yu-Hong Kuo_12Yu-Hong Kuo_13Yu-Hong Kuo_14Yu-Hong Kuo_15
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