Magdalena Wosinska


In the following  24 Hours Feature, we spent a full day with Magdalena Wosinska and her friends on a trip to New York, discovering her world through the lens of her camera.

Wosinska’s work is a fascinating mix of energetic, spontaneous and inspiring imagery. Originally from Poland, the photographer moved to the United States in 1991. Today she lives in Los Angeles and works in various locations around the world. She starts taking pictures of rock bands and skate events before venturing into nude and self portraits. Magdalena seems to know exactly when to release the shutter to the perfect image and her pictures can be seen as a contemporary document of our modern generation. She mostly shoots her friends having fun, traveling, making music and being youthful-discovering both the world, and themselves.

Me and some friends were scouting for a photo shoot that was going to happen next day so we decided to take a dip in this beautiful lake in upstate NY.

Some of us were there from NY city, some from Joshua Tree in the CA desert and some from LA and from Nashville so it was a mixed group of all outdoorsy people:)

Most of us are photographers so we were taking photos of each other through out the day, jumping in and out of the water. We swam until dusk and got out of the water right when we starting seeing all the water snakes come out.

As the sun was setting a huge rain cloud came through the town so me and my friend Caleb quickly ran to the goats near the lake to get a photo with them! They were so friendly and cute but they were surrounded by poison oak so we had to jump back in the dark water and wash the oils of so we didn’t get it on us.

Suddenly the rain came pouring down so we raced to our cars. We shot photos out the window of Caleb riding his Harley behind our van to follow us back to shelter.

All images © Magdalena Wosinska

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