Photo Manipulations By Januz Miralles

In his cryptic and elusive works, visual artist Januz Miralles from the Philippines, explores the beauty and fragileness of the female body by fusing photography, drawing and painting. These photo manipulations, in a monochromatic range of color with occasional dashes of red, sport an unexpected handmade element to their digital images. While the artist and his techniques seem to be as enigmatic as his works, he doesn’t fail to awake emotions in both his strong imagery and their viewers.

Januz_Miralles_05 Januz_Miralles_01 Januz_Miralles_02 Januz_Miralles_03 Januz_Miralles_04 Januz_Miralles_06 Januz_Miralles_07

All images © Januz Miralles