Youth by Audrey Gagnaire


French photographer Audrey Gagnaire captures sensitive, ephemeral moments with her camera. As she says, photography is a fragment of time that won’t recur, so she aims to keep her memories, creating beautiful images of her and her friends. A sense of youth and freedom can be grasped in her pictures. You can find more of her works on her Flickr and Tumblr.

All images © Audrey Gagnaire

Audrey Gagnaire_08Audrey Gagnaire_02Audrey Gagnaire_01Audrey Gagnaire_03Audrey Gagnaire_04Audrey Gagnaire_05Audrey Gagnaire_06Audrey Gagnaire_07Audrey Gagnaire_09Audrey Gagnaire_10Audrey Gagnaire_11Audrey Gagnaire_12Audrey Gagnaire_13Audrey Gagnaire_14Audrey Gagnaire_15Audrey Gagnaire_16
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