For Here By Marc Trujillo


American artist Marc Trujillo created a series of painted Fast Food dishes that come along with a short descriptive text that is charming in its honesty and also tells a lot about the artist, his approach towards this project and – his eating habits. Enjoy.

This is a painting I did of an in-flight meal. I wanted to do some still life paintings of cheap meals, and this was the one I started with.

This Taco Bell meal was the next one, I like having the viewer looking down at the meals so it’s their meal rather than looking at it from the side, where the still life is like a landscape.

And another Taco Bell meal — I had wanted to paint Nachos Bellgrande for a while. The sour cream, cheese and refried beans are all a lot like paint in terms of texture. It’s all just different viscosities and colors of the same oil-based stuff, and so is the painting.

Here’s a KFC meal — and yes, I did eat these — I’m from a square state and these are comfort foods to me. Although I have mixed feelings about them, I know why they’re bad as well. If I don’t have mixed feelings about what I’m painting, I don’t stay interested long enough to paint them.

Here’s a Burger King meal — I liked how the meal made a sort of face on the tray — the ketchup eyes and the burger forming a mouth with a lettuce tongue..

This is a ‘Der Wienerschnitzel’ chili cheese dog meal, the circular table gave me a compositional element that’s unusual in fast food places, and the cup gave me the opportunity for a nice phallic shadow.

All images © Marc Trujillo

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