Jellyfish House


Wiel Arets Architects created the Jellyfish House which has an elevated swimming pool on the roof top so that the nearby beach and sea can always be seen while sunbathing or swimming. The pool is equipped with an infinity-edge, its water merges with the sea in the distance.

It has a glass-bottom floor and a panoramic window at its interior facing edge, both of which are 6 cm thick; the latter allows those in the kitchen to voyeuristically view those swimming, while a third window affords those in the kitchen a glimpse of the living room, whose terrace extends under the cantilevered pool.

Five bedrooms are located throughout the house, with two guest bedrooms situated on the basement level that face outward and onto an extensive private terrace for the exclusive use of guests. The kitchen is strung along the southern façade of the house’s first floor. The first floor is also the location of the sauna and steam bath. The roof terrace features an oversized and custom-designed concrete table with an adjoining bench, which is contiguous to an angular chair for reclining while sunbathing.
Lighting illuminates all corridors and staircases, as well as underwater within the pool, ensuring the rippling effects of its reflections that shimmer through its glass floor and wall can also be experienced throughout the house at night. Taking full advantage of the ever-present Spanish sun, the Jellyfish House is an avant-garde expression of luxurious living; as most of its façades can be opened, and as its staircases are mainly outdoor, the house’s ever shifting boundaries between inside and outside are curiously blurred.

All images © Jan Bitter | Via: Dezeen

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