And Cheese by Brendan George Ko


Brendan George Ko created the series ‘And Cheese!’ as something between the staged and the real. The pictures were developed in China, where it is also common practice to smile, wave at the camera, and appear to be happy during a photographic opportunity.

Brendan George Ko says: ‘There I saw a variety of things that were extraordinary and absurd to my North American perspective, and realized how I can be charmed by the notion that this, this spectacle, this beautiful, funny moment is just part of the everyday there.’ He started to see these strange but oddly real situations everywhere and decided to create the following pictures. To estimate if they emerged from real or staged situations is up to you.

All images © Brendan George Ko

andcheese01andcheese03andcheese04cheese 006andcheese06andcheese07andcheese08cheese 001andcheese11andcheese02andcheese12andcheese12aandcheese13andcheese14andcheese09
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