Drowning Art by Ivan Puig


Ivan Puig is a Mexico based artist who lets his own sculptures drown. Two of his works are called ‘Crecimientos Artificiales’ (Artificial Growth) and ‘Hasta Las Narices’ (Fed Up). The second series outlines a commentary about education and questions the artificial in the induction of knowledge.

In a general manner it reviews the structures of power upon which the doctrine of education is ‘seated’ in the country and its system, strongly influenced by conflicts in the economic, political and social order. The first piece consists of different installations, its origin is related to the proportions of the events and its relativity. The comic narrative is employed. The spectator moves among the pieces like a zoom out. Though they both have pretty much different contexts and meanings, we appreciate this sculptures for their quite tragedy encouraging to think further about it without any noise.

All images © Ivan Puig

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