Alejandro Giraldo


Alejandro Giraldo is a Colombian Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director. He also has his own clothing line called Velmost. Alejandro is living and working in Medellín where he works on different freelance projects.

He also teaches at UPB’s graphic Design’s Degree and at Taller Arte Digital Illustration Degree. Alejandro is into punk rock, the sea, Wes Anderson’s films and mexican food as he tells us. We were instantly into his playful, teasing characters and wanted to know and see more of the young talent. Thus we asked him some personal questions that he replied with drawings. Enjoy.

How do you feel today?

What do you do in your spare time?

What’s your secret passion?

What’s your favorite spot?

Your latest genius purchase?

How does the source of inspiration look like?

Who’s your childhood hero?

How do you picture us?

All images © Alejandro Giraldo

How do you feel todayWhat do you do in your spare timeWhat’s your secret passionWhat's your favorite spotYour latest genius idea purchaseHow does the source of inspiration look likeWhos your childhood heroHow do you picture us
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