Disco Volante by Lukas Galehr


Lukas Galehr is an Austrian architect who studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Los Angeles. He is a member of the design collective Madame Mohr, which includes five architects and one industrial designer. One of his works is this pizzeria in Vienna, whose centrepiece is a spinning oven shaped like a giant disco ball.

In fact the spherical oven is covered with dozens of tiny mirrored tiles. In the evenings, when the lights are dimmed and various coloured spotlights are directed onto the oven, it causes scores of pink, green and blue dots to flood across the white walls and ceilings. Named ‘Disco Volante’, which loosely translates as ‘flying disc’, the restaurant is otherwise modeled on an authentic Napoli pizzeria with a vaulted ceiling, smooth tiled floors and clean white walls. Simple wooden chairs and benches provide rows of seating, giving most diners a clear view of the glittering central feature.

All images © Lukas Schaller | Via: dezeen

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