In his series ‘Menonos’, photographer Jordi Ruiz Cirera documents life and the inner struggles lived in the Mennonite communities in Eastern Bolivia. Mennonites are christian anabaptists who arrived during the fifties from Canada, Mexico or Belize, hoping to find religious freedom and to be able to preserve their lifestyle.

Today more than fifty thousand Mennonites in Bolivia. It’s difficult to know the exact number since Menenos, as they are called in Bolivia, live here unregistered or with foreign passports. They live as their German ancestors once did without electricity, telephones or cars and are extremely isolated from the local community. However, the pressure of the surrounding society is creating difficulties for them to survive. 

All images © Jordi Ruiz Cirera

menonos_01Margarita Teichroeb. Swift Current ColonyWomen gardening in Milagrosa colony.menonos_04Maria Knelssenmenonos_06menonos_07Bathroom.menonos_09Kids playing with kite on a Sunday family meetingFarm games. Belice Colonymenonos_12David Penner and his wife. Milagrosa colony
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