The Brick Bay House


Composed as a simple L plan, the ‘Brick Bay House’ by Glamuzina Paterson Architects, firmly dug into the earth recollects modest farming buildings and the idea of an ‘Elegant Shed’. Designed for a family of five, and with the goal of building a house that responded to the contours of the land with a relaxed sense of connection to the rural surroundings the ‘Brick Bay House’ is located near Auckland.

The facade made of Macrocarpa board and batten wraps gives the facade a beautifully textured grain and a natural warmth, registering time as its color changes. The environmental benefits of timber was vital to the project, with timber being locally sourced and milled in small runs from Riverhead shelterbelt trees. ‘The house negotiates the contours of the site with the private areas staggering down the hill to the south, creating a courtyard, and providing protection. The L plan forms a barrier to the road above on the south west boundary, blocking noise and giving privacy. The north deck opens to the east and west allowing afternoon sun to penetrate the living areas. The open plan living areas under the gable roof have porch enclosures to north and east that frame views to Kawau Bay.’

All images © Glamuzina Paterson Architects

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