With his work, ‘Para-Production’ from 2008, Ni Haifeng discusses massproduction ‘Made in China’ and it’s impact and effects on modern society. In this body of work he refers to the cyclical principles of the capitalist production of goods, the production process, work and capital yield and inverts them.

While industrial nations tend to outsource their production to Asian countries and only ‘import’ the finished product, Ni Haifeng turns this fact around, imported scraps from Chinese mass production to Europe and invited the audience and viewers to participate in his ‘production’. Ni Haifeng created a process in which the visitors of the exhibition made a huge wall hanging in joint and unpaid work.
The result of this work has no economical use nor is the goal to gain financial profit, but it is in terms of social aspects very valuable and encourages individuals to interact with one another.

All images © Ni Haifeng

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