David Mesguich


David Mesguich creates large sculptures made of polypropylene sheets or recycled plastic. The often 3 to 4 meters measuring sculptures are placed in public space. With his latest sculpture ‘Pressure 1.0’, Mesguich tells a story of people who are on the fence, of people in-between worlds, ‘those who are both inside and outside’.

His inspiration came from a family history that steeped him in a violent, carceral universe during his youth and the ten years he spent trespassing with graffiti.
‘Pressure 1.0’ was a non-profit sculpture and was similar to his last public space sculpture ‘LUZ 1.0’, created as a donation to the city.
With his work the Belgian based artist tries to overcome physical boundaries. By placing ‘Pressure’ in a public space without permission, the unauthorized aspect of placing a piece of work was given a whole new dimension. Passerbyes became more or less involved in the artwork, children would climb it and it aroused curiosity of viewers.

All images © David Meseguich

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