Pink Punch


With its striking pink vibrant color the installation ‘Pink Punch’ is meant to attract visitors. Using 5000 linear feet of natural latex rubber rope, New York based architect, Nicholas Croft, and landscape designer and artist Michaela MacLeod, wrapped 7 trees from a height of 10 feet down to their bases in pink.

At the ground, the rope continues to wind around the base of each tree, creating a 3-4 foot radial seating area. By carefully wrapping the rope around each tree, Nicholas Croft and Michaela MacLeod wrapped ‘distinguish garden from wilderness in a non-traditional way.’
Although there is a certain set of instructions in how to construct the installation on site, the installation is more or less improvised, depending on the location. ‘Pink Punch was a winning entry in a recent international design competition held by the Jardins de Métis in Quebec. The International Garden Festival is recognized as one of the most important events of its kind in North America and one of the leading annual garden festivals in the world.’

All images © Louise Tanguay and Nicholas Croft