Pieces of red glass lying scattered on the floor, an imposive chandelier lying ontop of the broken fragments and black crows hovering over the blood red glass, picking at it and seemingly tearing it to pieces like a dead animal. ‘Carroña’ (Carrion) is a work produced for the exhibition Glasstress 201, a parallel event to the 54th Venice Biennale.

The artist, Javier Pérez, had the chandelier manufactured and blown in traditional glall-blowing workshops in Murano. Referring to local and traditional craftsmenship, Pérez created a large chandelier of characteristic beauty and with ostenatious floral ornaments. He considers it in some ways as a ready-made. The alteration begins in the second part, when the lamp collapses in an almost performative act. The pieces of red glass are causing the sensation of looking at the remnaints of a large animal, dead in a pool of blood. This feeling is enhanced by the flock of crows that feed on the waste of this great failure creating a great feast of opulence ornamental.

All images © Javier Pérez

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