A Contemporary Installation In A Royal Palace

In a solo exhibition spanning seven rooms of southern Italy’s Royal Palace of Caserta, Rome-born artist Daniele Sigalot stages a dialogue between the history of the site and his own contemporary practice.

Sigalot roots his practice in the sculptural exploration of space, time and materiality, filling seven halls of the 18th-century palace with contemporary found objects. Constructed as a site-specific installation, ‘Tutto è già vostro’ (All is already yours) is a tribute to French military leader Charles III of Bourbon. The exhibition title is lifted from a quote in a history book of engravings, which collates findings from the ruins of the Kingdom of Naples (modern day Italy). One room, in particular, alludes to a contemporary take on the excavation site, with the artist covering an entire floor area in colorful pill capsules. Sigalot lends the reds, blues and golds from the room’s decorative borders, transforming the former Bourbon home into an artistic continuum of old and new. The ambiguity asserted between the capsules materiality and their actual nature blurs a boundary between past and present and enables the artist to comment on the possible renewal and evolution of historic spaces.


All images All images © Daniele Sigalot