Flickr Friday


Dazzling Surfaces – Dazzling surfaces burst like bubbles, the illusion in rainbow colors projected, enlarged, tormented, fleeting phlegm of the eye felt and the color spectrum high as the heart rate, when viscose thoughts stick on thin layers and only there remains waiting, for corrosion maybe or flareless impulse, but mainly for 70 cubic centimeter of beat volume with the same visual faculty.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © Arno Arno

Image © parachutgirl

Image © Rosanna Graf

Image © almond croissants

Image © Fatma Gultekin

Image © Tag Christof

Image © Terry Magson

Image © alexnendza

Image © Ben Mauzé

Arno ArnoparachutgirlBimbi Gardelalmond croissantslittlegirlblueTag ChristofTerry Magsonalexnendzaben mauzé
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