Ethereal Photographs In Nature By Tuane Eggers


Brazilian photographer Tuane Eggers captures dreamy photographs of her partner and friends in natural surroundings. In addition to her ethereal aesthetic, portraying the relationship between humans and nature seems to be a common thread to her work. In an interview, Eggers says, “What I like in photography is the act of collecting the world – the world that we live in or the world that we imagine. And the magic of photography is that each picture contains a trace of reality.”

All images © Tuane Eggers

Tuane Eggers_Photography_2Tuane Eggers_Photography_3Tuane Eggers_Photography_4Tuane Eggers_Photography_5Tuane Eggers_Photography_6Tuane Eggers_Photography_7Tuane Eggers_Photography_8Tuane Eggers_Photography_9Tuane Eggers_Photography_10Tuane Eggers_Photography_11Tuane Eggers_Photography_12
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