Aid for Multi-tasking


Do you drink a cup of coffee over the newspaper every now and then? Listen to music while reading? Have a meal in front of your computer? If so you are in good company as these things became general habits in busy modern life.

Korean designer Yu Hun Kim created ‘Aid for Multi-tasking’, a series of products that are designed to help us with doing several things at once. Often we do not even recognise having much difficulty performing different activities at the same time, unless the tasks are physically mismatched. Thus Kim created ‘Reading Tray’, ‘Lining Mug’ and ‘Knork’. The tray is designed for reading in a break when people have a tea or breakfast. The mug helps you to keep your eyes on a book whilst drinking as well providing a flat surface that aligns under the text. Knork is a fork and knife at the same time. The series of objects are questioning about our routinely errors and how design could aid the chronic behaviors. Are these objects handy or should we rather try not to do everything at once?

All images © Yu Hun Kim

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