Meera Sky Garden House


The ‘Meera Sky Garden House’ by Guz Architects is located on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore. The large multi layered four storey house tries its best to interact with gardens and greenery at all levels.

It’s designed with a central void large volumes which maximizes cross ventilation and reduces dependence on mechanical air conditioning. With a lot of other fancy functions to reduce reliance on artificial lightning and energy consumption, the best feature are the gardens on each level, which provide shade and reduce overheating in Singapore’s tropical climate to enhance life quality. The large areas of grass absorb much less heat than conventional roofing materials, resulting in less thermal storage in the building itself, thus reduce the required use of cooling systems. Like this you can sit in your lovely green environment and have stunning views over the garden to the sea and sky.

All images © Patrick Bingham-Hall | Via: OpenBuildings

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