Maison Mather


‘Maison Mather’ by STEINMETZDEMEYER Architectes Urbanistes is a single family house that was built to replace an old barn in Dalheim, a village near Luxembourg. Working in the volume of the original barn which butted up against another house, the design aims to remain modest and complementary to the ‘art-deco-rural’ style of the neighboring houses.

The basement of the barn with its vaulted cellar was maintained as a platform for the new house, also dictated by the presence of Roman relics in the local ground. Clad in natural red cedar wood, the facade evokes the appearance of a functional farm building in the local tradition, and it also gives the façade an unusual materiality. The entrance window and door are in the same scale as the original barn gate in order to link the new design with the old.

All images © Steinmetz and Demeyer | Via: Home DSGN

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