Artist DAG works between painting and drawing, design and meditation, between dot, line and colour. In his studio you find chaos and structure, color and black and white tones. Contrasts that he unifies in his art and that describe his character.

For his works, DAG uses various stencils, gemoetric shapes, triangles, rhombuses and circles. On the canvas they merge to a colorful explosion. A large scale painting leans on the wall of his studio, consisting of thousands of tiny triangles, that he colorizes since about five months now. A trial of patience, that he will first consider finished when he is statisfied with the interplay of colors and shapes. Color was not always of such great importance for his work, thus one can also find a collection of black and white paintings in his studios. Coloring shapes, leave them in plain white, arrange them and scatter them again is the basic principle of his work. He often finds patterns and colorings that fascinate and inspire him in everyday life. For example in paper streamer or the nuppy surface of a table tennis bat, that he covered in his own, colorful design. The underlying structure of DAG’s artistic approach hails from Berlin’s vibrant club scene, where he used to spend a lot of time, socialized and found friends. Thus a decent collection of CDs spreads over the studios floor, containing different artists from dubstep to folk and indie-rock. As a real Berlin guy DAG owns a tricot of the local soccer team and is a true Hertha BSC fan.

Join DAG on a life performance on the 16th of October. As part of the festival ‘Creative Match Kreuzberg’ he will develop one of his creative universes on the walls of Bi Nuu, Berlin.

Visit: dagberlin.de

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