Athletes’ Meals


Ever wondered how the meals of Olympians look like? With ‘A Day on My Plate: Athletes’ Meals’ photographer Michael Bodiam and Sarah Parker created still lifes revealing the diets behind sporting success. Amidst London’s Olympic fever they graphically re-envisioned diets for five star athletes, using cardboard and paper.

From the 2282-calorie diet for a 17-year-old gymnast including peanut butter and bagels to a male triathlete’s blueberries and chocolate milk, the meals share the ideal eating regimes for sports stars looking to optimize their game. ‘I wanted people to be able to draw direct comparison between the diets, and to produce something quite playful that subtly hinted at the sport each athlete participated in,’ says Parker.


Ice Skater



Hammer Thrower

All images © Nowness

My day on a plate: GymnastMy day on a plate: Ice SkaterMy day on a plate: TriathleteMy day on a plate: RunnerMy day on a plate: Hammer Thrower
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