This Side Up By Maarten Rots

Strolling through the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, visual artist Maarten Rots (1982-) bumped into a museum employee busy on a ladder with a level against the wall. Next to the man was a trolley with Pollock’s Black and White no. 15 from 1951, a painting that led to the painter’s distinctive action painting technique. It made him wonder if the backside would have an indication of the top of the painting. With this in mind, Rots has taken a fresh look at his recent photographs and made decisions doing exactly that: deciding which side is ‘up’. The result is an extraordinary solo exhibition in which abstraction found within the play between light and architecture takes on a lead role. Characterized by a degree of abstraction in which his love for graphic shapes often shows, the photographs in his current show were printed on various scales, strikingly juxtaposed at the gallery walls. This Side Up is on display at gallery Qlick Editions in Amsterdam, from October 22 until December 3