This is not a VÄRDERA By Krisztina Czika

Could hair be mass-grown? Or is mass a cosmic delusion that always snares at us through our ignorance and knowledge referring to material sources? These are the leading questions that have inspired the project ‘This is not a VÄRDERA’ by Krisztina Czika. Replacing the porcelain with materials which availability is non forcible, further highly depends on the human body, creates a new perspective how to look at the same object.

2017-03-08_58c0534a1f45b_photoby_ANNELAKEMAN-6copyHQ.jpg 2017-03-08_58c0534a1f4c7_photoby_ANNELAKEMAN-54copyHQ.jpg 2017-03-08_58c0534a1f531_photoby_MARGHERITASOLDaTI1.jpg 2017-03-08_58c0534a1f5a9_photoby_MARGHERITASOLDaTI2.jpg 2017-03-08_58c0534a1f620_photoby_MARGHERITASOLDaTI3.jpg 2017-03-08_58c0534a1f68b_phoyoby_ANNELAKEMAN-59copyHQ.jpg