The Artwork Of Swen Swensøn

“Swen Swensøn is a freelance artist and graphic designer. He captures the beauty that lies within ordinary situations, funny encounters and quiet moments when the world seems to stand still. From idyllic landscapes and geometrical architecture to people and colorful animals. His motifs are pure and minimalistic, drawing the spectator’s attention to the tiniest details.”

2017-01-10_587508a42ed2c_hjdeskrk_ignant.jpg 2017-01-10_587508a42ecbc_godudsigt_ignant.jpg 2017-01-10_587508a42ec4f_en_smuk_dag_paa_havet_ignant.jpg 2017-01-10_587508a42ebd7_bilvask_ignant.jpg 2017-01-10_587508a42edf2_pa_stranden_ignant.jpg 2017-01-10_587508a42ed8f_modig_1u2.jpg