Suburban Utopias By Yannis Manolis

The series ‘Suburban Utopias’is an ongoing project focused on the exploration of the suburban landscape of Yannis Manolis‘ hometown. The word utopia is used as an ironic comment. Every picture is an independent story that tries to describe the atmosphere of an ”utopic” place that is immediately connected with economical and social crisis of my country. The broken pillar is one of the hidden greek traditional elements that gives the opportunity to the viewer to identify the place as the most of the images don’t betray a specific one.

2017-08-20_59996358b6855_SuburbanUtopias_03.jpg 2017-08-20_59996358b68c1_SuburbanUtopias_06.jpg 2017-08-20_59996358b698a_SuburbanUtopias_08.jpg 2017-08-20_59996358b6927_SuburbanUtopias_07.jpg 2017-08-20_59996358b69ec_SuburbanUtopias_11.jpg 2017-08-20_59996358b6a4d_SuburbanUtopias_12.jpg