Silence By Imantas Selenis

The ‘Silence’ photo series by Imantas Selenis was born out of unrelated images she shot during the past five years in various locations, distinct time, for the distinct reasons. The idea of this series is to play with photographic medium by depicting the illusion of “time in between”.

2017-07-28_597b24bc785ce_silence1.jpg2017-07-28_597b24bc7863d_silence2.jpg2017-07-28_597b24bc786b7_silence3.jpg2017-07-28_597b24bc7871a_silence4.jpg2017-07-28_597b24bc7877b_silence5.jpg2017-07-28_597b24bc787dd_silence6.jpgScreen Shot 2017-09-01 at 14.12.42