Sandy-Footed Tales By Bruno Filipe Sá

The series ‘Sandy-Footed Tales’ by Bruno Filipe Sá is a set of five different stories based on five different pictures of Costa Vicentina, Alentejo, Portugal. Some are inspirational, others evoque the past as a way to deal with the present. But all of them have one thing in common: the ocean. The Ocean perceived as a sea of opportunities to explore, a barrier between the adventurous and the cautious, a way to reconnect spirits and bond ties or a powerful and overwhelming way that nature has to reminds us what it is to be alive.

2017-10-04_59d4ba16d70b0_taleV 2017-10-04_59d4ba16d7126_taleII 2017-10-04_59d4ba16d718f_taleIV 2017-10-04_59d4ba16d71f7_taleIII 2017-10-04_59d4ba16d726a_taleI