ROOT x Paul Jung

A collaboration with Paul Jung, which features dancers Samuel Lee Roberts and Jacquelin Harris juxtaposed with pieces of photography equipment – all in Jung’s signature minimalist style. “When we first talked about this project, I thought that if we are speaking about what photography and ROOT studios is about, then it’s not just the content, but also the support around the shoot,” says Jung. “So even the smallest details can be considered just as important. I think it was great to see [the equipment] on the same plane and importance as the dancers. They all become, lets say, a part of a set of brushes for an artist to use together.”

2017-01-18_587fe97e772b9_PJW555-ROOT-MOVEMENT-00142.jpg 2017-01-18_587fe97e77246_PJW555-ROOT-MOVEMENT-00085.jpg 2017-01-18_587fe97e77320_PJW555-ROOT-MOVEMENT-00545.jpg 2017-01-18_587fe97e77386_PJW555-ROOT-MOVEMENT-01045.jpg