Refuge By Devi Kashyap

The series ‘Refuge’ by Devi Kashyap was created during an assignment as social worker in a refugee settlement in Austria. It shows unaccompanied refugee minors from Syria and Afghanistan. The symbolism in this surreal work encourages an exploration of the different emotional dimensions of refuge, escape, freedom, transformation, rootedness, war, injury, trauma, tradition/modernity, identity, family, vision, fragility and boyhood.

2017-05-30_592def4c3a2d1_mohsen.jpg 2017-05-30_592def4c3a259_jalal.jpg 2017-05-30_592def4c3a1be_bilal.jpg 2017-05-30_592def4c3a426_ziaalladin.jpg 2017-05-30_592def4c3a3b4_sajed.jpg 2017-05-30_592def4c3a345_osama.jpg