“Radici” by Fabrizio Albertini is a physical memory, the mark of time. Radici is the constant urge to survive, to expand, to leave a trace, it is the legacy of our past and the elaboration of our present. Radici is something that grows underground, something that belongs to nature, and to nature it will return.

2017-02-28_58b599974d28f_Radici_4.jpg 2017-02-28_58b599974d225_Radici_3.jpg 2017-02-28_58b599974d1b3_Radici_1.jpg 2017-02-28_58b599974d3bb_Radici_8.jpg 2017-02-28_58b599974d359_Radici_7.jpg 2017-02-28_58b599974d2f5_Radici_5.jpg