Portrait of painter Vera Bondare

Jelena Osmolovska, a skilled self-taught photographer from Latvia. Jelena discovered the world of photography after the birth of her second child, four years ago. Photography is a reflection of her experiences, thoughts and situations that have changed her and she is capturing people who are close to her, who are not professional models. “Meeting Vera was intentional. I noticed this beautiful girl at a business meeting. I wondered who was this charming girl with such a beautiful smile. After the meeting, I learned she was painter- Vera Bondare . When I met Vera later, she was very open with me and was telling me so many interesting things about herself and her work. I loved the way she was sharpening my attention on this or that painting during our walk at the art museum. I was completely blown away by this talented and smart girl. I asked Vera to meet with me again. And that’s how we started making photography together and became best friends.”

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