Old Lady’s Roars By Armin Graca

This photo project by Armin Graca was inspired by the term “Babine huke” (eng. Old Lady’s Roars) that can be found in almost every Slavic nation vocabulary and it refers to a very unstable weather; when spring fights with winter. During this period weather is very unstable and changes are very frequent, with a lot of strong wind, rain, sunny weather and sometimes even snow, can change in a day.

2017-04-24_58fe5381a7a8b_1.jpg 2017-04-24_58fe5381a7e0e_4.jpg 2017-04-24_58fe5381a7cf9_3.jpg 2017-04-24_58fe5381a7bcd_2.jpg 2017-04-24_58fe5381a802e_6.jpg 2017-04-24_58fe5381a7f1c_5.jpg