Metamorphosis Of The Landscape By Alvaro Manriquez

The series ‘Metamorphosis Of The Landscape’ by  was inspired by the exploration of the landscape from its metamorphosis with light and contact with it. Intervened and modified, to create a new atmosphere in space from the textures, color modification and contact of the photographer himself.

2017-07-25_5977d5e609edb_2.jpg 2017-07-25_5977d5e609e6f_1.jpg 2017-07-25_5977d5e609f41_3.jpg 2017-07-25_5977d5e60a005_6.jpg 2017-07-25_5977d5e609fa4_5.jpg 2017-07-25_5977d5e60a066_8.jpg