Max Slobodda / Dualism

After Max Slobodda had once looked through his street photography pictures , he found many pictures with doublings and similar elements. So he started to combine these pictures to create the photo series „Dualism“: “I thought its interesting as two similar elements in an image can balance the photo or can have a nice interplay between colors and shapes.”

2016-03-08_56de9ae0ca3f6_6.jpg 2016-03-08_56de9ae0ca5e1_1.jpg 2016-03-08_56de9ae0ca582_2.jpg 2016-03-08_56de9ae0ca524_3.jpg 2016-03-08_56de9ae0ca4c4_4.jpg 2016-03-08_56de9ae0ca461_5.jpg 2016-03-08_56de9ae0ca582_2