Leisure by Julie Hrudova

‘Leisure’ by Julie Hrudova is is an ongoing series that plays with photography being a trustworthy and truthful medium by creating some confusion about what is actually happening in the image, or why it is happening. It is about isolation even when being together.

2017-08-10_598c2b7cb87fd__MG_3154-copy_1250.jpg 2017-08-10_598c2b7cb89ea_19575156_1617436148298415_5646333842243606032_o.jpg 2017-08-10_598c2b7cb892c_4_1250.jpg 2017-08-10_598c2b7cb88cc_3_1250.jpg 2017-08-10_598c2b7cb8868_2_1250.jpg 2017-08-10_598c2b7cb898b_5_1250.jpg