Last adolescence

The project by Marina Rodriguez Colás is a portrait of the return to adolescence from retired people and escapists of their lives from nightclubs for aged people in Barcelona.

The first time I went into a nightclub for aged people I was with Teo. She was already in her seventies. We had become friends a year ago. She was dressed with transparencies and her best jewelry. She wanted to remember better times. Inside, men are piled behind the couches waiting for an opportunity. Women are straight and tense waiting to be invited to the first dance. They are whispering and laughing loudly. Some women brings snacks in their bags. Another women just have all her makeup. Women lie to them, “I told him I’m 68 and he believed me”. Men offer them their past: “I had a good position in a big company”. They scrutinize their situation: “Take care! He’s married. He make you a quicky and then he disappear!” A bitter flirtings, the last vestiges of adrenaline and some traces of pheromones.