John Trashkowsky

John Trashkowsky is contemporary art for the big questions of our time. The issue is one of purity. Mining a seam that comes at us every day of the week from all sides. The mission is to surprise us out of our anti-psychotic, coffee-swilling, anxiety-ridden pill-popping paranoia with products that make us want to jump out of our skin, with joy or irritation. The choice of ingredient is thrilling anyway.

2016-03-16_56e9a04e1912f_Healtheworld_bright_web.jpg 2016-03-16_56e9a04e190c5_Flag_US800.jpg 2016-03-16_56e9a04e1905c_Bureaucrazy_table800.jpg 2016-03-16_56e9a04e18fe8_A_8445413_3000px-e1451837900909.jpg 2016-03-16_56e9a04e19193_Horsepower_Web.jpg 2016-03-16_56e9a04e191f7_WeAreWatchingYou2.jpg