In The Mani By Marton Gosztonyi

‘In The Mani’ by Marton Gosztonyi is a series about a more rural area in Southern Greece with small villages dotted around the landscape and connected by one single road. Mani is located between the Taygetos Mountain and the Mediterranean Sea, these geographical features makes the Mani one of Europe’s most isolated regions.

2017-03-23_58d3d821cac95_MartonGosztonyi_inthemani1.jpg 2017-03-23_58d3d821cad6e_MartonGosztonyi_inthemani3.jpg 2017-03-23_58d3d821cad05_MartonGosztonyi_inthemani2.jpg 2017-03-23_58d3d821cadd1_MartonGosztonyi_inthemani4.jpg 2017-03-23_58d3d821cae96_MartonGosztonyi_inthemani6.jpg 2017-03-23_58d3d821cae33_MartonGosztonyi_inthemani5.jpg