Geopoetry By Nastasia Faivre

The series ‘Geopoetry’ by Nastasia Faivre explores the effect of the architecture in term of experimental and geometric path. Minimalistic and graphic, this series shows in a poetic way, the elegance of geometry, the luminosity of light, the texture, the simplicity of the composition and interpretation behind the architecture

2018-01-08_5a53a76d7f636_nastasiafaivre-1 2018-01-08_5a53a76d7f68f_nastasiafaivre-9 2018-01-08_5a53a76d7f6e3_nastasiafaivre.2 2018-01-08_5a53a76d7f731_nastasiafaivre.3 2018-01-08_5a53a76d7f77e_nastasiafaivre.4 2018-01-08_5a53a76d7f7cb_nastasiafaivre.5