Emperor’s New Clothes

‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ is a collaboration between art designer Héctor Orruño, Taller de Feeas (Remedios Vincent) and photographer Pablo Martínez Muñiz. This photography series comes up as the Emperor’s new clothes, like wandering faces halfway through humor, irony and ominousness. The rich nature of Remedios’ work will transport you to the realm of oddities and eccentricities.

2016-12-07_5847fa5ec35f0_01.jpg 2016-12-07_5847fa5ec365b_02.jpg 2016-12-07_5847fa5ec36bf_03.jpg 2016-12-07_5847fa5ec371f_04.jpg 2016-12-07_5847fa5ec377e_05.jpg 2016-12-07_5847fa5ec37dd_06.jpg