Defected: The Extraordinary Uniqueness Of The Error

With the project ‘Defected’, portrait photographer Ciro Galluccio wants to enhance the current new aesthetic imperfection, in opposition to the ideology of mass production and conformity. Gold, color of the sacred and preciousness in human iconography, highlights the uniqueness of the individual who, by choice or by birth, is different from the classical canons.

2017-02-19_58a9e8c54c7d8_DSC_0179.jpg 2017-02-19_58a9e8c54c8b0_DSC_7005.jpg 2017-02-19_58a9e8c54c846_DSC_2280.jpg 2017-02-19_58a9e8c54c914_DSC_8514.jpg 2017-02-19_58a9e8c54c9dc_DSC_9864.jpg 2017-02-19_58a9e8c54c979_DSC_9477.jpg