Crepuscolaria By Serena Vittorini

We are used to measure ourselves and the space around us with the knowledge that outside our skin happens something that is not controllable,beyond our expectations.We try to be prepared, presentable, able to react with speed,strength and intelligence to stimuli from the world outside of us. Indeed,the delicate boundary between us and the world is the basic argument of the whole our existence.Reducing everything to a question of numbers, are the five senses comparing with the four elements and with the passage of time:in each moment we interpret the world around us,nature and the community with these few parameters, and everytime we are gripped by the mysterious question.I feel, see, smell, touch, taste and so I think,but what am I really?I build an idea of ​​the world,but who will tell myself?Following the return to my hometown,L’Aquila,after an absence of eight years, I tried to re-establish contact with my roots.The result is a surreal, mysterious, terrifying atmosphere.

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