00:00 (Zero Hour)

00:00 (Zero Hour) is about hidden truths, time, the familiar, the unknown, and semiotics. I am deeply fascinated by real life so I like to view these photographs as a mix of reality and fiction. Reality anchors the photographs which exist in a different realm because they stem from a certain point of view. I investigate truths and non-truths of the universal symbolism that is presented to me in chance encounters and staged situations. Duality is a recurring theme in my work where I balance polarizing ends of a spectrum. The unknown is confronted by the familiar and vice versa. I blend fact/fiction, dreams/nightmares, light/dark by use of color, subject matter, and image sequencing. The title of the project references the end of the night and the beginning of a new day. The balancing act of its underlying meaning is what propels me to question the use of language, symbolism, and truth.

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