00:00 (Zero Hour) By Amy Li

The photo series ’00:00 (Zero Hour)’ by Amy Li is about hidden truths, time, the familiar, the unknown, and semiotics. The title of the project references the end of the night and the beginning of a new day. The balancing act of its underlying meaning is what propels the photographer to question the use of language, symbolism, and truth.

2017-04-14_58f052da8f7f2_AmyLi_000009.jpg 2017-04-14_58f052da8fb3b_AmyLi_003845.jpg 2017-04-14_58f052da8fa35_AmyLi_000123.jpg 2017-04-14_58f052da8f925_AmyLi_000100.jpg 2017-04-14_58f052da8fd37_AmyLi-6719.jpg 2017-04-14_58f052da8fc3b_AmyLi_003857.jpg