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L’EAU By Jewelry Designer Anna Auras Is A Tribute To The Gentle Fluidity Of Water

Janine Sametzky

German goldsmith and jewelry designer Anna Auras has shared with IGNANT the lookbook of her latest collection ‘L’EAU’. Sleek and elegant, the handcrafted pieces of jewelry are inspired by the universal element that connects us all: water.

“Fascinated by the formal language of water, its mobility and intangible depth, the pieces of jewelry pay homage to the beauty and creative power of nature, through their flowing and clear design language,” the designer explains to IGNANT. A striking representation of the interaction of water with the surrounding environment, the collection includes rings, earrings, and necklaces with smooth shapes and soft lines—each piece mimicking the fluid sculptural identity of the natural element. “The organically curved ring ‘drop’ and the earrings ‘drop II’, pick on the soft movement of the flowing water, whereas the ring ‘around’ and the two differently sized ‘boule’ studs are reminiscent of the shape of dew drops,” she continues, adding that “, the ‘arp’, ‘drip I’, and ‘drip II’ necklaces also play with the shape and materiality of the element.” Combining a minimalist aesthetic with sustainable materials, L’EAU is entirely crafted by hand in Auras’s studio in Stuttgart, Germany, and each piece is made from recycled precious metals sourced from certified regional companies.

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Images © Janine Sametzky | Model: Jil Welbers | Set Design: Lea Beyl | Styling: Pina Marlene | HuM: Eva Dieckhoff | Production: Marietta Auras

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