Women Who Draw Collaborate To Present ‘One Sky’


Women Who Draw is an online platform that showcases and celebrates the work of global female illustrators, inclusive of trans and gender-nonconforming artists.

Founded by Wendy MacNaughton and Julia Rothman, Women Who Draw has evolved to provide an online database of over 2700 illustrators. In a collaborative project entitled ‘One Sky’, 88 of those artists set an exact date and time to look up and draw the sky. The series of images captures the essence of each illustrator’s unique style, as well as uniting the contributors despite their differences in time, weather and location. In a moving statement about the work produced, MacNaughton and Rothman explain, “They were, at that exact moment, separate skies. But when we view these drawings together, they become one far-stretching, simultaneous world view. They become a portrait of one shared sky.”

Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_01
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_02
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_03
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_04
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_05
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_06
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_07
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_08
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_09
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_10
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_11
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_12
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_13
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_14
Art_One Sky_WomanWhoDraw_15

See more about the project and artists here.


SCENT by AOIRO x Ignant

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